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14 July 2011 @ 03:52 am
Unexpected date  
PG-13? Soft stuff
Rookie writer, bare with my writing

Ryeowook was trying to take a short nap before his night schedule at the KTR with Leetuek but he kept hearing loud noises from the kitchen. It was his fault for falling asleep on the sofa, but he was too lazy to walk to his room. 

"Yah! You're so noisy!" said Ryeowook weakly. 

In the kitchen 

"Did someone call me?" thought Sungmin momentarily before continuing his cooking. Tonight he was going to have the whole dorm to himself, he can finally have his long awaited date. For that he carefully cooked a delicious meal. 

As he finished, Ryeowook lazily walked in the kitchen, smelling the delicious food. "Ah hyung I think you forgot to add some spices, it doesn't smell right" he commented as he peeked to inspect the food. He tasted it and crunched his face, grabbing some spices and adding it in a seemingly random manner. 
"yah yah yah! what are you doing?" he exclaimed as he ran to grab the spoon from Ryeowook's hands. "I'm having my date here tonight, want everything to be perfect... OH this is good!" 
Ryeowook confidently walked out to get ready for his Radio schedule while Sungmin prepared the table. While changing, Ryeowook received a text saying "Ryeowook-ah, it's okay you don't need to come, Eunhyuk-ah finished his schedule early so he's coming back." from Leetuek.
"Yes! back to sleep" he said with a small grin. As he changed back, he received another text saying "thank you wookie!" from Leetuek again. 
He crashed into his bed ***an hour later***

Ryeowook woke up again, went to get some water from the kitchen. As he stepped in the living room he noticed a table full of food, a handsome guy, nice lights but no girl. He frowned at that, walked and sat beside Sungmin who had his eyes on the clock. 
"Hyung, your date didn't come?" he asked. Sungmin sighed deeply and stood up muttering "thank you for the food, I'm going to wash up" 
Ryeowook felt terrible watching his frown and almost immediately got up. He ran to hold his hand and stood there. For he surprised even himself, didn't know what to say next. 
"Have dinner with me?" he asked anxiously. Sungmin smiled and walked slowly back at the table. They ate quite contently, talking about anything and everything. After the delicious meal, they decided to watch some movies on the sofa and soon Sungmin and Ryeowook cuddled together. They also pulled out a bit of wine, Sungmin's favorite. 
"hyung, your food was deabak!" commented Ryeowook while taking a sip of the wine, "but you shouldn't feel bad about her... she's really missing out"
"Ah really?" commented Sungmin, "What is she missing out exactly" he asked.
"Hyung's delicious food for sure, his warm cuddle, those big cute eyes ...those lips that are perfectly curled up..." Ryeowook couldn't believe he just said all that, so he stared at the TV hoping Sungmin hadn't thought it was weird. The wine was really getting him to say things before he thought about it
Sungmin felt flattered at hearing that from Ryeowook, he even felt his heart beat speeding up. He just stared at Ryeowook's face until he turned and said "What?". Sungmin  just smiled and leaned in to press his lips on Ryeowook, who didn't retract at all. The soft kisses became longer and deeper and slower. Then Sungmin slowly crawled on Ryeowook, pushing him to lie down. 
Ryeowook's hands boldly went up Sungmin's shirts as Sungmin bit his lip. "Mm Hyung" groaned Ryeowook, "I really ..." Sungmin moved on to kissing his neck, and his hands grasping Ryeowook's hair, "I really love you" he finished. 
"I'm sorry, I never noticed the perfect person for me is right here" replied Sungmin as his fingers felt Ryeowook's lips. 
"Will you make the food for our second date?" asked Sungmin coyly. 
"for hyung, i want to make food for my entire life" replied Ryeowook. Sungmin leaned in and kissed his forehead. Eventually, both had fallen asleeep but hadn't separated from the moment their bodies touched each other. 
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